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The Small Step is a Giant Leap!

Dream what you do, do what you dream.

MindEscapes® forms communities of the right minds to dwell upon some of the world's toughest problems. We believe genius holds the responsibility of making lives better. But we also realize that genius needs the right environment to do it.

MindEscapes® is an environment, with our breakthrough experience centres, the activities and our year-round services for members. MindEscapes® is for anyone in pursuit of the next big leap!


To change the narrative of the world with our idea-inducing environment and bring about a societal, cultural and sustainable reform in the locales of our existence through new ideas and native-friendly initiatives.


At MindEscapes® we believe in thinking with feeling. The intellect and human calibre are of value only when they are employed in making the world a better place. Human achievements are praiseworthy only when they are driven by compassion and empathy. Our faith lies in the essential goodness of our fellow beings, and in the ability of individual genius to bring about mass positive change. We trust that when the right minds and the right hearts are brought together, communities blossom.

The Team

Our Members are the epicentre of our immersive platform. We value the trust they bestow upon us and our team makes sure their experience is a memorable sojourn. Every activity, amenity and service is perfectly orchestrated to gift people the freedom to ideate, innovate and find their Aha! Moment.

Our team is extremely service-focused and customer-driven to ensure every club member is eternally satisfied with the physical and mental output of their creative adventure at MindEscapes®.

leadership team

Our leadership team bridges the gap between people's far-fetched dreams and their reality and creates an all-inclusive space that nurtures creativity, fuels innovation and drives future change. They guide our customers from the start of their journey till the end and help accelerate their growth in the process.

dipali sikand

Chief Inspiration Officer | Founder

MindEscapes® is the brainchild and passion project of Dipali Sikand. MindEscapes® rows the boat of her entrepreneurial daring and is built to transform the future with originality, intellect, creativity and innovation. It brings together game-changers, movement-makers, the bold and fierce ideators from across India and gives them an experience of a lifetime, in-turn gaining customer loyalty and commitment. Dipali is an ace entrepreneur of several organisations motivated by the mantra of extraordinary engagement, incomparable services and enviable client successes.

    our service maestros

    They're experts and coaches in the mindful array of services provided by MindEscapes®. They guide the guests towards a fulfilling experience and & share their knowledge to help everyone adapt a healthy lifestyle in their daily routines.

      our ideation guardians

      They are the guiding lights for our community of thinkers and achievers. They're veterans and mentors from varied industries. Their knowledge, experience, accomplishments and wisdom guides people towards the realization of their ultimate goals. Our guardians are specialists in science, IT, environment, literature, business and more.

      sam pitroda

      chief guardian

      Taking India's telecommunications and technology sector by storm for over 50 years now, Mr. Pitroda is a globally recognised telecom inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker, and policy maker. He has truly revolutionized India's development philosophies and policies with a focus on technology and social change. He has been instrumental in reforming public broadcasting, railways, e-governance, and other developmental activities. His work has empowered various developing countries with the use of mobile technology. He holds around 20 honorary PhD's, close to 100 worldwide patents, and numerous papers and books.

        a promise to give back!

        The value of a true creativity platform increases manifold if it gives back to society and the environment. As a community-minded club, we minimise our carbon footprint and conserve the environment with the use of carbon-neutral, low impact and sustainable material at our Breakthrough centres to enhance our guest experience and do our bit for nature. We employ local staff, support local projects & regional community.

        join us to become a local hero.

        the nilgiris discovery centre


        The Nilgiris Discovery Centre, in association with the Nilgiri Documentation Centre, has been set up by MindEscapes® as a curated experience centre for public viewing. It passes down the 200+ years-old legacy of the Nilgiris to future generations, celebrates the great minds of yester years and brings incredible facets of culture, environment, science and innovation to light. Together, with our members, we will work towards the restoration of the Nilgiris heritage, and oppose the mindless destruction of the Nilgiri mountains in the name of tourism, monoculture, encroachment, urbanization and commercialization.

        Project Parivartan

        Parivartan is a private village development project that brings on-ground social change by transforming villages in India. It aims at enhancing the quality of life in 100 Indian villages by 2025 through correctional, reformative, professional and business measures and creating self- sustaining models whereby these villages turn into productivity-centers that contribute to the national economy.

        Project Parivartan

        FC Bisons

        FC Bisons is an A-division football team that brings together footballers in the Nilgiris and gives them training, exposure and a platform to showcase their talents. It molds local sportsmen into game-changing players of great caliber and provides an opportunity to play & compete with state, national and international clubs. It works towards empowering budding players and turning the district into a fully-equipped soccer destination.