Together we build,
create & prosper!

We power people across all industries, professions and geographies, by nurturing, mentoring, inspiring, and triggering innovators to come up with the next earthshaking idea.

Guided by a genuine desire to effect positive, tangible change across their organizations, the MindEscapes® Community bridges the gap between the thinker and the thought in every field and threshold of change. From the arts to the corporate world, from social movements to scientific breakthroughs, from the lifestyle of the masses to poverty alleviation, MindEscapes® catalyzes change by the application of genius.

Our community is for anyone with a head full of ideas and a heart filled with empathy and our faith lies in the essential goodness of our fellow beings.

MindEscapes® aims to bring social change by

Identifying the areas and fields that are most vital to change.
Bringing together motivated and brilliant thinkers in the respective fields as members
Creating the ideal environment for these thinkers to strategize and ideate.
Helping in the implementation of the ideas thus born to effect said change.

the ideation


Right people. Right Place. Right Results.


MindEscapes® community invigorates innovation-driven change with strategic networking opportunities, mentoring, and mind enhancing services. We handpick people from various fields—business, the arts, science and technology, politics and ideologies, education and more & lead them towards innovation.

Guardians, Cohorts and Sherpas form the core of MindEscapes® and design long-lasting change.



Guardians are Industry veterans and renowned subject experts with a lifetime's work to showcase. These are the Gurus & mentors who set the challenges for the Cohorts and add value to their experience. They are permanent benefactors, tastefully selected for their unmatched caliber and expertise in varied fields.



Cohorts are leaders from different fields. They are kingpins, movement-makers, CEOs and CXOs, artists & authors, or acknowledged achievers from any industry with pathbreaking ideas & blooming potential that just needs a final push to transform the world. Membership is by invitation only.



Sherpas Membership provides an extensive learning environment and a perfect set of mentors to shape one's life. The membership offers latest updates and discussions on our MindEscapes community platform, and a select access to physical sessions at our breakthrough experience centres.



Solve Real Problems with Real Solutions, Together!

Our ideas and conscious efforts can make this world a better place. Our Challenges assess global problems and seek solutions from our community of ideators. The Guardians set these challenges as guided thought accelerators for our Cohort members to attempt to solve tough societal problems. Our members get the privilege of working closely with our Guardians and other cohorts to co- create solutions together and further guide our Sherpas and help them build sustainable solutions.

The Challenges invite our community to create, critically evaluate and advance ideas over the course of three to twelve months to solve real global issues.

Something brewing in your mind? Share your solutions now! All solutions you build with the MindEscapes® community is shareable, remix-able and reusable by anyone. And will appear in our archives Chef-d'oeuvre.

Your ideas will be shared openly within the MindEscapes® community. Feel free to build on each other's ideas, share your expertise, and welcome feedback. In cases of highly sensitive or technical information, we encourage you to share a high-level conceptual explanation of your idea on the platform; for us to grasp the basic sense of its potential, and offer valuable feedback. Terms & Conditions Apply*

challenge 1

COVID-19 Communicate to Accelerate Challenge

How to connect, empower & inform communities globally to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19?

challenge 2

Healing Bones Healthy Aging Challenge

How to enhance adult care experience for aging osteoporosis patients to ensure their first fracture is their last?

challenge 3

New Normal E-Education Challenge

How to reimagine education & help teachers, students & parents to adapt virtual teaching-learning?

challenge 4

Circular Economy Flourishing Future Challenge

How can we design circular systems for a more sustainable future?

Events & Masterclasses

Our monthly events and meet-ups bring the wisdom of our guardians, subject matter experts and our community together. The meaningful conversations provide, learning, networking, social, investment and community development opportunities as well as exposure to extraordinary engaging ways to enhance personal and professional lives.

Our Guardians help instigate creativity, inspire audacious conversations and help individuals and teams fuse even greater outcomes; to imagine, design and co-create the future. Our diverse community of thinkers and innovators remains the core of a uniquely curated experience dedicated to liberating their spirit, freeing their mind and feeding their soul with content and creativity.

The Annual Conference, held at our retreat, is a "can't miss" experience. This event is designed as a forum to bring together Members to share ideas in a collective learning and social environment, in our intellectually stimulating environment.