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People. Passion. Purpose. Paradise.

Unwind your mind, relax and think beyond the ordinary! MindEscapes® has been selectively engineered to churn out the best in you. Our magnificent breakthrough centres have specialized ideation rooms, top of the game conference rooms, art-lined deck, popup wine & dine destination and lots more to elevate your senses and set you on a mindful & creative journey.

All our spaces are thoughtfully built around four facets of design -

Aspire to inspire and transform the world!
  • Signature Suites

    Luxury suites to relax your mind and soul. Our luxury accommodations, capture the essence of the blue mountains, bridging the gap between the desires for exploration and relaxation with thoughtful amenities that indulge your penchant for the finer things. The perfect place where you can shut the door and feel totally inspired to write the next big prose or the next big code. Inspiration comes in many guises in these 7 exclusive bedroom suites, named after memories and emotions.

    • Sleep Guardian
    • Fitness Guardian
    • Concierge® Services
    • Ensuite Amenities
  • Biblio

    At this thoughtfully decked library, built in collaboration with Penguin Random House, discover a rich collection of books of various genres. Biblio also brings to our guests e-learning courses and music playlists and sparks creativity and spreads knowledge.

    • Bedside Reading Program
  • Serendipity

    Exquisite aqua point with the view of Blue mountains and the picturesque beauty of nature to keep you calm and rejuvenated.

  • Celeste

    An elegant dining space with a view of Nilgiris and food sourced with fresh, organic produce and paired with signature cocktails.

    • Celeste
    • Food Guardian
    • Culinary specials
    • Onsite Culinary Master Classes
  • Divino

    An exclusive bar offering signature drinks to lift your spirits & set you on a thinking spree.

    • Opening Soon
  • Nirvana

    A space that explores new ground with dishes to be enjoyed anytime of the day, served in delicately floral surroundings, in the beautiful lawns.

Brainstorm bold new ideas and think beyond the ordinary!
  • cognito

    Get lost in a lush green heaven and find your clarity of thought.

  • novus

    Refresh your senses in a space that transcends you into another world and give your ideas a fresh perspective.

  • Via

    Make your good idea great by thinking it through and making it foolproof in this place.

  • Kaizen

    Let nature do its play as you create your next big wonder in an alfresco and find your ultimate inspiration.

Reflect within, refine the solution and win!
  • Ikigai

    An open-air fireside breakthrough point that frees your heart, sharpens your mind & helps you think 360 degree.

  • Cerebro

    A cozy space filled with positivity and peace, carefully designed to give you clarity of thought.

  • Compassio

    Experience a calm, contemplative and awe-inspiring place, built to drive you towards your ultimate cause.

  • Satori

    Brilliantly themed to boost your imagination, this tipping point immerses you in the spirit of nirvana and lets your ideas fly high!

Change the game with your brain!
  • Conclave

    Carefully engineered to keep your mind running, Conclave births revolutionary ideas when like-minded individuals come together.

  • Lumina

    Whether it's a pitch or a blockbuster hit, our power-packed Private Screening Room is the perfect spot for you.

  • Ergo

    A conducive space to engage your mind and engine your thoughts with teamwork, ideation, brainstorming and contemplation.

our services

fabulous food


Experience a culinary dream on your plate and get lost in the natural panorama at the windows of our Celeste restaurant. The view of the mesmerizing blue Nilgiris make our exotic European and Pan Asian preparations of locally sourced vegetables & meats and homegrown drinks eternally memorable. MindEscapes® members are spoilt with luxury with an exclusive private dining access to our club restaurant! The luscious multi-course Chef's Tasting menus take you on a gluttony drive and complement the intimate set up amidst the beauty of hills.


Divino bar is a work of art to satisfy your soul. Its magnanimous décor, homespun infusions and heartfelt hospitality leave you mesmerized and motivated. Our exotically arrayed spirit selection and signature concoctions are made just for you!

Opening Soon


Savour the traditional flavors of North India at Nirvana by MindEscapes, with a majestic setting and subliminal views of the Blue Nilgiris. Enjoy a tailor-made menu of Authentic Indian kebabs, rotis, daals & biryanis by Food Maestro Vikram Malhotra and indulge your taste buds in a royal treat.


Euphoria Bakery satisfies your guilty pleasures with an assortment of freshly baked breads and a delightful spread of pastries, chocolates, cakes and seasonal goodies. Bespoke hampers can be personalized, upon request.
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Find your Zen and let your mind unwind amidst the beauty of Nilgiris, as you devour luscious Kebabs & Grills, Chinese, American and Western cuisine in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Opening Soon

Food & Beverage Maestro - Vikram Malhotra

Coming from an illustrious family of hoteliers in business since 1936, celebrity chef Vikram Malhotra is our Food and Beverage Guardian. He has owned and worked with an array of fine food restaurants like Skyroom Kolkata, Blue Fox Kolkata & Bangalore, Tawa lounge, La Terazza, The Olde House eatery Kolkata and many more. He bestows his guidance and helps our club members excel in their journey.



Our seasoned Food and Nutrition Maestro teaches the art and science of healthy cooking with interactive cooking classes. Our food, lifestyle and eating habits play a key role in our daily performance. They condition our hearts and minds. You can learn to make foods that boost your metabolism, fight inflammation, promote gut health, and home remedies that can keep you healthy in life. Our Maestro trains you to cook healthy and eat healthy as baseline health promotes creativity and better thinking.

The Kitchen can be your kingdom with our creative cooking tips. Know your knives, make garden salsas, try healthy juicing & learn conscious cooking for your physical and mental wellbeing.

*Available for our in-house resident members, on booking.

heavenly sleep

MindEscapes® Nidra

Science proves that good sleep is the oil that turns the wheels of creativity, logical thinking and the expression of art. A certified maestro in Sleep Science teaches how to get a sound sleep and wake up refreshed. The MindEscapes® Nidra program serves you a pillow menu, blackout window screens, a Nidra box, a scientific sleep-inducing menu, and much more.

Rest & Relaxation Pillow Menu

Sleep awaits on a bed dressed in the guests' personal pillow selection, misted with a relaxing spray, and paired with a silk eye mask and ear plugs. We meet everybody's individual preferences with our pillow menu. From anti-snoring help to cold relief and complete relaxation, we skillfully take care of the individual moods of every guest and celebrate them.

Sleep Maestro - Satvik Jaitley

India's leading sleep consultant Satvik Jaitley teaches the art of sleeping at MindEscapes®. He is a published innovator and technologist with over a decade in food technology and allied sector. He has authored and co-authored 14 patents and six trademarks in Sensory Sciences, Sleep, Mental Health and Cognition, Functional Foods, Probiotics, Hospitality and Food Service industry solutions. He extends his knowledge and helps our members catch a healthy good night's sleep for a successful expedition. Want to experience worry-free, uninterrupted night of sleep infused with soothing ingredients?

exceptional fitness

12 Minutes to Fitness

Heal your body and rejuvenate your spirit with in-room fitness services, as the tranquil of Nilgiris surrounds you. MindEscapes® inhouse resident members can access fitness classes at any time via live stream or on demand and work with our fitness maestro to stay healthy and active throughout!
Every member gets exclusive access to a personalised Gym Box with yoga mats, resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls, and an exercise ball in addition to on-demand fitness videos ranging from 5 to 12 minutes.

Fitness & Wellness Maestro - Amol Kulkarni

A top Indian celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist with an expertise in Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics - our Fitness & Wellness Maestro Amol Kulkarni is a gold medallist in national level kickboxing, a Black Belt in karate, judo and kickboxing and a junior 100 meter national sprint champion.

Amol has successfully trained many celebrities and over 500 students in the last five years. He helps in making fitness a part of our members' day to day lives and keep them energized throughout their journey.

MindEscapes®: Bio Fitness

Align your mind, body and soul with the elements of nature. Nature is many things: immersive, resilient, rejuvenating and healing. Through tailored, locally inspired activities around meditation, breathwork, movement, and nutrition, get connected with your surroundings and discover the beauty of Nilgiris. Fuel your body with a Nilgiris Trail Hike, sharpen your focus with Wilderness Survival Skills, relax and unwind with a Nature walk and Mindful Movement & awaken your inner strength, awareness.

Choose from our rejuvenating fitness experiences:
Nilgiris Trail Hike
Wilderness Survival Skills
Nature Walk
Biosphere Journey
Heritage Tree Planting
Night Walks
Football with a Local Team
Trout Angling Expedition

*Available for our in-house resident members, on booking.

24/7 Concierge®


Only the best for your rest!

Creative expeditions bear the best results when the mind and body are at ease. MindEscapes® ensures a fulfilling experience with 24/7 Concierge® services that keep you relaxed with thoughtful facilities & amenities, evening breakout sessions, mind stimulating activities and dedicated spaces where people can network or spend time alone.

Sit. Relax. Breathe, as we relentlessly serve you with everything you need. We work around the clock to make your stay memorable throughout your membership.

Flexible and helpful, 24/7, our members' every need is anticipated, and their lives throughout their membership with us improved beyond measure. We know what it means to go the extra mile. Our Concierge® services are characterful, unique, and focused on quality with an attention to detail that borders on mania. They know how to make our members heart skip a beat and just how to surprise and delight at every turn.

Our Concierges® are superstars that you will want to shout about.

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club social

1000+ partner clubs

We provide a global network for our members, which opens doors for the world's most illustrious clubs. The Club Social membership offers its members benefits for both business and leisure activities in resotels, hotels and resorts.

Every member club is fascinatingly chosen for its convenient location, great atmosphere, deluxe amenities and exceptional personal care. These are the addresses, above and beyond, in which the world's biggest deals are brokered, hands shaken and networks consolidated through exotic spirits and divine food.

All members get access to the Club Social Booking app and receive a complementary membership card. Nearly all member Clubs offer special benefits for Club Social members, e.g. member rates for conference room bookings, guest green fees and accommodation rates.

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Signature Suites Features & Unique Amenities


Smart Sleep Technology

Live in the future, today!

With the power of experiential touches and personal accents, each suite is equipped with our custom built Alexa through which you can enjoy remote-controlled drapes, changing light levels, auto-thermostat adjustment, TV channel scrolling and music control along with scheduled wake-up calls and room service.



Bathe in a dream!

Consult a professional bath expert, learn the art of salts and soaps and pamper yourself with exquisite bath services with a heavenly range of nourishing essential oils, bath-time drinks and snacks.


goldie love

Live in the future, today!

MindEscapes® Breakthrough Centres give you a live goldfish in your room to love and pet, on your demand. Calm your senses with the pet's presence, as we look after their feeding and aftercare for you.


wish list concierge®

Tick off your Bucket List!

Our Concierge® team learns what you love even before your visit to the breakthrough centres. Our team makes a list of your wishes on call prior to your visit and takes care of you at the destination while you relax, stress-free.


hot chocolate

Free hugs in hot cups!

Our Hot Chocolate snifter service spoils you with the choice of 'Nice' Traditional Hot Chocolate, served with an indulgent choice in toppings and candies and Naughty Hot Chocolate, with a shot of really fine liquor.


curated music

Make music your muse!

Music is the most effective thought provocateur. Punch in your own playlist in your smart tablet or enjoy an exhaustive music library made just for you, with tunes for every mood.


digital book library

Befriend the Books!

Enhance your knowledge and make your journey worthwhile with a wide collection of 1,00,000 + e-Books and audio books to choose from — in literature, romance, history, science, economics, business and more.


knight dolls

Dolls for dreams & change!

To ensure you get a good night's sleep & do your bit for nature, our handmade Toda 'knight dolls' inspire you to care for the planet & your personal well-being.


games on demand

Your playground of adventure!

To keep you pumped, our home theatre is equipped with modern and retro consoles and gaming headphones, with a game library of 1000+ games.


bedside reading program

Good books for good night!

To give you a good night's read and a treat to take back home, the Bedside Reading Program smartly matches up books according to your preferences and welcomes you in your room with a curated set of advance copies and bestselling books by the bedside.