Collaborate to Innovate:
Redesign a Better World Together!

Solve Real Problems with Real Solutions, Together!

At MindEscapes®, we believe that through collaboration and co-creation, we can design a better world for all of us. We understand that there are many paradoxical challenges facing our society today, from hunger and malnutrition to obesity, from food waste to wealth inequality, and from a lack of innovation to a surplus of ideas. But we also know that these challenges present us with an opportunity to effect real change.

As a member of the MindEscapes® community, you have the opportunity to be a catalyst for change. You can start conversations, build collaborations, and impact change for every challenge that comes our way. We believe that our ideas and conscious efforts can make a real difference in the world.

We have set up Challenges to assess global problems and seek solutions from our Community of Ideators, Guardians, and Circle of Boffins. Our Knowledge Partners and Sponsor Organizations have set these challenges as guided thought accelerators for our community members to attempt to solve tough societal problems.

We invite our community to create, critically evaluate, and advance ideas over the course of three to twelve months to solve real global issues. If you have an idea brewing in your mind, we encourage you to share it with us and work with the MindEscapes® community to make it a reality.

All solutions built with the MindEscapes® community are shareable, remixable,
and reusable by anyone, and will appear in our archives Mind Jam.

Mind Jam

Sharing is Caring!

Your ideas will be shared openly within the MindEscapes® community. Feel free to build on each other's ideas, share your expertise, and welcome feedback.

In cases of highly sensitive or technical information, we encourage you to share a high-level conceptual explanation of your idea on the platform; for us to grasp the basic sense of its potential, and offer valuable feedback.

Lets jam! Terms & Conditions Apply.*

Idea pool to change the world,
one challenge at a time.

challenge 1

COVID-19 Communicate to Accelerate Challenge

How to connect, empower & inform communities globally to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19?

challenge 2

Healing Bones Healthy Aging Challenge

How to enhance adult care experience for aging osteoporosis patients to ensure their first fracture is their last?

challenge 3

New Normal E-Education Challenge

How to reimagine education & help teachers, students & parents to adapt virtual teaching-learning?

challenge 4

Circular Economy Flourishing Future Challenge

How can we design circular systems for a more sustainable future?

challenge 5

Social Ponds, Social Change Challenge

How can we design practical solutions to clean and maintain the ponds in villages?

challenge 6

Reimagine Public Amenities Challenge

How can we reimagine functional and universally usable public amenities for people?

challenge 7

The Digital Life Challenge

How can we revolutionise the mobile design to empower the people of Rural India?