End-To-End Ideation Support
For All Across Diverse Industries

Where others saw a piece of rock, Michelangelo saw his masterpiece, David. Where others saw a bunch of colors, Van Gogh saw starry nights. Genius is about looking at the same thing differently - which is what MindEscapes® inspires.
MindEscapes® is the perspective, literally and figuratively, that every genius deserves.

MindEscapes® Knowledge Hub is built with the intention to reboot and solidify trajectories for business leaders and small groups by providing alternate perspectives. Our platform provides the stimulus to trigger thought, sparkle curiosity, deliberate on actions, and help minds soar. Everything you need - to deliver the next big product, service or solution with confidence.

Whether you wish to improve leadership skills, stay abreast of industry innovations, or prepare for a new role - you can now access world class learning and development facilities, boffins, masters, partners and services at a MindEscapes® experience centre and reach your personal and professional goals with ease.

board of guardians

Our guardians are beacons of innovation and success. They possess a high calibre and worldwide reputation - with an eclectic mix of accolades and accomplishments in various fields. They serve as our guiding sources at MindEscapes® and have partnered with us to share their success secrets, transformational tales, and expert advice with those who aspire to go beyond the ordinary.

knowledge partner: KPMG

As knowledge partner to MindEscapes®, KPMG India innovation consulting service extends the access to thought leaders from various sectors, to help the MindEscapes® clients achieve their end vision of learning and innovation. This synergistic alliance is aimed to provide Strategic Problem Solving, Innovation Agenda enablement and more through a series of exclusively designed tools and techniques which are benchmarked as per globally recognized KPMG frameworks and leverage the deep seeded Innovation DNA of MindEscapes® guardians and patrons. Enterprises and individuals can plug their Innovation Challenge into this Alliance Framework and can benefit from the experience and expertise of the MindEscapes® - KPMG Innovation Mentors to unlock their true potential.

circle of boffins

Drawing on extensive research and real-world experience, the accomplished experts we call our Circle of Boffins, will disrupt your way of thinking and empower you to implement innovative ideas. They will extend their support with pathbreaking conversations and presentations using experiential learnings and case studies. Each session will be 90 minutes to 120 minutes, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

immersive experiences

Intersperse your retreat with beyond the subject matter transformational and immersive experiences, fascinating experts, and focused localised activities that deepen and celebrate your pursuit of learning and development. Choose from an array of peaceful yet energizing signature experiences that help define and expand boundaries.

events and meet ups

Our onsite and online events and meet ups have speakers from around the world that are invited to share their expertise and knowledge in the form of speaker sessions and hands-on workshops. Our events are designed to cover a wide range of topics to inspire thinkers and ideators to navigate the world of innovation.


At MindEscapes®, we offer specialised support across a number of industries by bringing together thought leaders, industry bodies, key corporates and academics with small business groups and provide them with the tools, programmes and access they need while they retreat at our Experience Centre. Let us work together. We are excited to partner with you to drive the future at our collaborative forward-thinking experience centres. Get in touch with us today to get a customised plan for your small group and discuss how we can assist in putting your ideas into practice. Click below and share a few details so that an expert from MindEscapes® can assist you better.