KPMG India joins forces with MindEscapes® to offer a unique opportunity for enterprises and individuals to access expert advice, innovation frameworks, and personalized solutions for their challenges, enhancing their ideation retreat experience.

Leadership Team

Comprised of experienced professionals, the KPMG leadership team brings a wealth
of expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional results to clients.

    KPMG Innovation Offerings

    KPMG offers design thinking services to help businesses ideate and innovate. They use a human-centered approach to problem solving and develop creative solutions. This service helps organizations uncover new opportunities, increase customer satisfaction and drive growth. Here is a standard format for KPMG's Design Thinking Workshop:

    1. strategic
    duration 1 day

    These are a series of high-paced, intense, and time-boxed, one day workouts for result oriented creative problem-solving. We draw from the best practices of design thinking to find innovative solutions for business challenges. Be it improving your existing ideas, uncovering bold new opportunities or addressing urgent timebound issues, you will get all the support, guidance and tools you need to create great results.


    This workout helps redefine the vision for your business unit, product or service for a changing market, and clearly articulate a comprehensible and strategic plan for your products/services.


    This is a resilience strategy workout. It helps to understand and decode the trends that could disrupt the future of your business and define the next business challenge for your team.


    This workout helps teams discover key customer stakeholders involved, and identify their relationships, needs and wants in a meaningful way. These insights help teams identify improvement opportunities.


    This workout helps teams create a journey of the people, places, systems, and information that customers interact with. Teams uncover customer challenges and opportunities at various experience touchpoints, generate ideas to resolve them and gain new insights.


    This workout helps leaders and HR professionals identify the core values of the culture they wish to build in an organization; and ideate define and prioritize actionable practices, policies and rituals they could implement to meet their end goal. The workout is based on the principals of Geert Hofstede's culture onion.


    This workout helps teams frame and structure their business idea into a simple business model canvas, through a structured deliberation on each aspect of modern business.

    duration 5-7 days

    These are tailor made co-creation sessions designed to take a problem to rough prototype (solution-detail) through a curated and structured workout. The collaborative co-creation session will be facilitated by KPMG innovation professionals, alongwith subject matter expert KPMG and the MindEscapes® mentor network. It uses the techniques of design thinking, lean, agile, Google design sprint and brand strategy for creation, ideation and problem solving. These sessions require 2 days pre -workout alignment exercise with the core group.


    To create a business and brand plan in five days that specifies the minimum lovable product, the user persona, the target market, the brand promise, the distinctive offer, the service ecosystem blueprint, the business model, and the market's justification for the brand's existence. Additionally, it also identifies the test market for the idea's prototype.


    The Design Sprint is a process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. The Design Sprint is one of the “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more - packaged into a battle-tested process for teams to use. Developed at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a 5-phase framework that allows you to experience and execute innovation, where you get to solve a REAL business challenge through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

    2. master
    duration 1 day

    These are one day sessions conducted by practicing industry experts to understand the various topics, get hands on experience of using fundamental tools and understand the real-life applications of the same from real life use cases.


    To learn the fundamentals of human-centric innovation which is the building block of creating an innovation mindset.


    To learn the fundamentals of Blue Ocean strategy, a strategic discipline that departs from the conventional logic of contesting in an existing market and create experience differentiation while driving values through cost optimization.


    To understand the construct of brand strategy (vision/values/experience and culture), the changing customer behaviour and shift from customer satisfaction to advocacy.


    To understand the concept of service design and how the industry has adopted the model alongwith its principles and tools.


    To learn the fundamentals of business agility for rapid, continuous, and systematic evolutionary adaptation and entrepreneurial innovation directed at gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.

    3. advanced
    duration 2-4 Days Onsite & 4-5 Weeks Offsite Mentored Projects

    This is an industry led immersive learning engagement programme. It begins with a 2-4 days onsite physical workshop, followed by a 4-5 week long hands on weekly virtually mentored live group assignment where the participants apply their learning on real life use cases. This would help the participants earn the practitioner's certificate to practice the learning in the real life. The course is supported with specifically designed workbooks and learning material for continued learning.


    Our practitioner led design thinking course puts the user at the heart and employs a collaborative and iterative 'build to learn' approach to wicked problem-solving. Design Thinking today is at the center of product/service and process innovation, and it helps build a culture of innovation.


    Our course is designed for the new-age leaders to understand the fundamentals of technology enabled customer experience design (CX) - to create a differentiated brand experience (BX) aligned to the core values of the brand. It focuses on understanding the principles of service and system design. It also dwells on understanding the empathic needs of the end-user and how brands use this to communicate their differentiated value proposition.


    This program has been designed to provide experiential learning to the leadership teams in order to help them understand leadership styles and their practical implementation to solve a variety of business problems in their organizations.