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Our dedicated Experiential Breakthrough Centre in the Nilgiris, nestled amidst the lush green hills, is the perfect destination for those looking to tap into their creativity and innovation. The Nilgiris is a hub of invention and innovation, with a rich history of scientific thought, civil society dialogue, and the building of institutions. It's no wonder over 100 breakthroughs and inventions have happened here.

Our multi-purpose co-creation space encourages collaboration and fosters ideas, prototypes, and experimentation. The centre offers configurable co-working tables for groups and individual projects, and serves as a multi-function area for presentations, meetings, brainstorming, workshops, group discussions, and more. Teams and projects are welcome to reserve our conference rooms for their meetings or events related to new venture programming.

After a productive day, our members can also reserve and enjoy great meals at our famous restaurants, Celeste and Nirvana, and our bar, Divino. We have selectively engineered our centre to churn out the best in you. Come, unwind, relax, and think beyond the ordinary as our thoughtfully built spaces let you:

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Aspire to inspire and transform the world!
  • Signature Suites

    Luxury suites to relax your mind and soul. Our luxury accommodations, capture the essence of the blue mountains, bridging the gap between the desires for exploration and relaxation with thoughtful amenities that indulge your penchant for the finer things. The perfect place where you can shut the door and feel totally inspired to write the next big prose or the next big code. Inspiration comes in many guises in these 7 exclusive bedroom suites, named after memories and emotions.

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    • Sleep Guardian
    • Fitness Guardian
    • Concierge® Services
    • Ensuite Amenities
  • Biblio

    At this thoughtfully decked library, built in collaboration with Penguin Random House, discover a rich collection of books of various genres. Biblio also brings to our guests e-learning courses and music playlists that spark creativity and spread knowledge.

    • Bedside Reading Program
  • Serendipity

    Exquisite aqua point with the view of Blue mountains and the picturesque beauty of nature to keep you calm and rejuvenated.

  • Celeste

    An elegant dining space with a view of Nilgiris and food sourced with fresh, organic produce and paired with signature cocktails.

    • Celeste
    • Food Guardian
    • Culinary specials
    • Onsite Culinary Master Classes
  • Divino

    An exclusive bar offering signature drinks to lift your spirits & set you on a thinking spree.

    • Opening Soon
  • Nirvana

    A space that explores new ground with dishes to be enjoyed anytime of the day, served in delicately floral surroundings, in the beautiful lawns.

Brainstorm bold new ideas and think beyond the ordinary!
  • cognito

    Get lost in a lush green heaven and find your clarity of thought.

  • novus

    Refresh your senses in a space that transcends you into another world and give your ideas a fresh perspective.

  • Via

    Make your good idea great by thinking it through and making it foolproof in this place.

  • Kaizen

    Let nature do its play as you create your next big wonder in an alfresco and find your ultimate inspiration.

Reflect within, refine the solution and win!
  • Ikigai

    An open-air fireside breakthrough point that frees your heart, sharpens your mind & helps you think 360 degree.

  • Cerebro

    A cozy space filled with positivity and peace, carefully designed to give you clarity of thought.

  • Compassio

    Experience a calm, contemplative and awe-inspiring place, built to drive you towards your ultimate cause.

  • Satori

    Brilliantly themed to boost your imagination, this tipping point immerses you in the spirit of nirvana and lets your ideas fly high!

Change the game with your brain!
  • Conclave

    Carefully engineered to keep your mind running, Conclave births revolutionary ideas when like-minded individuals come together.

  • Lumina

    Whether it's a pitch or a blockbuster hit, our power-packed Private Screening Room is the perfect spot for you.

  • Ergo

    A conducive space to engage your mind and engine your thoughts with teamwork, ideation, brainstorming and contemplation.

Retreats, Thinktanks, Meetings & Conferences

Escape the ordinary and elevate your thinking at MindEscapes® Nilgiris, where innovation and collaboration come together to fuel the spark of inspiration. Our state-of-the-art experience centre boasts over 17,000 square feet of versatile conference and event spaces, both indoor and outdoor, fully equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet. Whether you're planning a retreat, thinktank, meeting or conference, our dedicated Concierge® will work closely with you to ensure your event is a success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to book your next retreat or workshop at MindEscapes® Nilgiris. The minimum number of participants required for the retreat is 5. If you have fewer than 5 participants, please click on Reserve Stay

Fabulous Food

At MindEscapes® Nilgiris, we believe that great food is an essential component of the ultimate experience - which is why we offer a variety of delicious dining options for all our guests, regardless of whether they're members or not. Our restaurants, Celeste and Nirvana, feature a range of mouth-watering dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From classic comfort food to exotic, international and Indian fare, there's something for everyone to enjoy. For those looking for a nightcap, our bar, Divino, serves a wide selection of premium spirits and cocktails to round out your dining experience. So whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, come and indulge in the flavours of MindEscapes® Nilgiris.


Experience a culinary dream on your plate and get lost in the natural panorama at the windows of our Celeste restaurant. The view of the mesmerizing blue Nilgiris make our exotic European and Pan Asian preparations of locally sourced vegetables & meats and homegrown drinks eternally memorable. MindEscapes® members are spoilt with luxury with an exclusive private dining access to our club restaurant! The luscious multi-course Chef's Tasting menus take you on a gluttony drive and complement the intimate set up amidst the beauty of hills.


Divino bar is a work of art to satisfy your soul. Its magnanimous d├ęcor, homespun infusions and heartfelt hospitality leave you mesmerized and motivated. Our exotically arrayed spirit selection and signature concoctions are made just for you!


Savour the traditional flavours of North India at Nirvana by MindEscapes®, with a majestic setting and subliminal views of the Blue Nilgiris. Our tailor-made, multi-cuisine menu is both traditional and progressive, offering a variety of courses that will transport you on a sensory journey through the region. Our dishes, flavors, textures, and experiences add the perfect touch of magic when you dine with us at Nirvana.


This is our gourmet delicatessen where you will can get a quick bite and assortment of delectable cakes, fresh-roasted coffee and our signature hot chocolate.
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a promise to give back!

The value of a true creativity platform increases manifold if it gives back to society and the environment. As a community-minded club, we minimise our carbon footprint and conserve the environment with the use of carbon-neutral, low impact and sustainable material at our Breakthrough centres to enhance our guest experience and do our bit for nature. We employ local staff, support local projects & regional community.

join us to become a local hero.

the nilgiris discovery centre


The Nilgiris Discovery Centre, in association with the Nilgiri Documentation Centre, has been set up by MindEscapes® as a curated experience centre for public viewing. It passes down the 200+ years-old legacy of the Nilgiris to future generations, celebrates the great minds of yester years and brings incredible facets of culture, environment, science and innovation to light. Together, with our members, we will work towards the restoration of the Nilgiris heritage, and oppose the mindless destruction of the Nilgiri mountains in the name of tourism, monoculture, encroachment, urbanization and commercialization.

Project Parivartan

Parivartan is a private village development project that brings on-ground social change by transforming villages in India. It aims at enhancing the quality of life in 100 Indian villages by 2025 through correctional, reformative, professional and business measures and creating self- sustaining models whereby these villages turn into productivity-centers that contribute to the national economy.

Project Parivartan

FC Bisons

FC Bisons is an A-division football team that brings together footballers in the Nilgiris and gives them training, exposure and a platform to showcase their talents. It molds local sportsmen into game-changing players of great caliber and provides an opportunity to play & compete with state, national and international clubs. It works towards empowering budding players and turning the district into a fully-equipped soccer destination. MindEscapes® has also launched two new Football initiatives - the FC Panthers team for juniors and FC Robins for women.

Hill of Flowers

The Hill of Flowers project, a collaboration between Random Acts of Kindness Forum and MindEscapes®, is a beautiful and impactful initiative that seeks to transform the mountain road in Arakadu village, Nilgiris, with flowers planted all along. This project will not be just a visual treat, but also a recreational area where people can come to walk, bike, picnic, and enjoy nature. The goal is to provide sustainable livelihoods for local women, who will serve as the "Flower Guardians" for the hill, by planting and maintaining the flowers.

Join us in making a difference and contributing to this amazing project that will bring beauty and joy to the community.

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