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You are what you eat. We at MindEscapes® realise the role nutrition plays for mindfulness. From selecting zero-mile ingredients to using slow food practices, MindEscapes® gastronomy ensures you get the right food for thought in the cuisine of your choice. At MindEscapes®, we know that food plays a vital role in the whole process of ideating right. Like an expensive car, your brain functions best when it gets only premium fuel. Unfortunately, just like an expensive car, your brain can be damaged if you ingest anything other than premium fuel. Savour moments as our Food Maestro takes your palate on a journey of flavours with delicious food, hand-crafted beverages and decadent desserts, all designed to deliver a myriad of food for thought.

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heavenly sleep

MindEscapes® Nidra

We spend one third of our lives sleeping yet 70% of urban Indians are sleep deprived. We are quick to discount this essential pillar of our well-being but at MindEscapes®, we have curated a 360° sleep experience that ensures a good sleep and serves as the oil that turns the wheels of creativity, logical thinking and the expression of art. A certified maestro in Sleep Science teaches how to get a sound sleep and wake up refreshed. The MindEscapes® Nidra program serves you a pillow menu, blackout window screens, a Nidra box, a scientific sleep-inducing menu, and much more.

Rest & Relaxation
Pillow Menu

Sleep awaits on a bed dressed in the guests' personal pillow selection, misted with a relaxing spray, and paired with a silk eye mask and ear plugs. We meet everybody's individual preferences with our pillow menu. From anti-snoring help to cold relief and complete relaxation, we skillfully take care of the individual moods of every guest and celebrate them.

exceptional fitness

MindEscapes®: Bio Fitness

A fit mind is only as effective as a fit body. As our mind learns and unlearns facts and figures, our bodies require the same rigour to train and maintain. We at MindEscapes® have taken the best of Nature and the best of Personalized Training to give rise to Bio Fitness so that you fine tune your bodies as well as your minds. From customized regimens to curated workouts and personalized fitness advisory, MindEscapes® bio fitness takes care of all of your fitness goals and more, naturally and holistically.

Choose from our rejuvenating fitness experiences:
Nilgiris Trail Hike
Wilderness Survival Skills
Nature Walk
Biosphere Journey
Heritage Tree Planting
Night Walks
Football with a Local Team
Trout Angling Expedition

*Available for our in-house resident members, on booking.

12 Minutes to Fitness

Heal your body and rejuvenate your spirit with in-room fitness services, as the tranquil of MindEscapes® surrounds you. Our inhouse guests can access fitness classes at any time via live stream or on demand and work with our fitness maestro to stay healthy and active throughout! Every member gets exclusive access to a personalised Gym Box with yoga mats, resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls, and an exercise ball in addition to on-demand fitness videos ranging from 5 to 12 minutes.

our service maestros

They're experts and coaches in the mindful array of services provided by MindEscapes®. They guide the guests towards a fulfilling experience and share their knowledge to help everyone adapt a healthy lifestyle in their daily routines.

    Unique Services & Amenities


    Smart Sleep Technology

    Live in the future, today!

    With the power of experiential touches and personal accents, each suite is equipped with our custom built Alexa through which you can enjoy remote-controlled drapes, changing light levels, auto-thermostat adjustment, TV channel scrolling and music control along with scheduled wake-up calls and room service.



    Bathe in a dream!

    Consult a professional bath expert, learn the art of salts and soaps and pamper yourself with exquisite bath services with a heavenly range of nourishing essential oils, bath-time drinks and snacks.


    goldie love

    Live in the future, today!

    MindEscapes® Breakthrough Centres give you a live goldfish in your room to love and pet, on your demand. Calm your senses with the pet's presence, as we look after their feeding and aftercare for you.


    wish list concierge®

    Tick off your Bucket List!

    Our Concierge® team learns what you love even before your visit to the breakthrough centres. Our team makes a list of your wishes on call prior to your visit and takes care of you at the destination while you relax, stress-free.


    hot chocolate

    Free hugs in hot cups!

    Our Hot Chocolate snifter service spoils you with the choice of 'Nice' Traditional Hot Chocolate, served with an indulgent choice in toppings and candies and Naughty Hot Chocolate, with a shot of really fine liquor.


    curated music

    Make music your muse!

    Music is the most effective thought provocateur. Punch in your own playlist in your smart tablet or enjoy an exhaustive music library made just for you, with tunes for every mood.


    digital book library

    Befriend the Books!

    Enhance your knowledge and make your journey worthwhile with a wide collection of 1,00,000 + e-Books and audio books to choose from — in literature, romance, history, science, economics, business and more.


    knight dolls

    Dolls for dreams & change!

    To ensure you get a good night's sleep & do your bit for nature, our handmade Toda 'knight dolls' inspire you to care for the planet & your personal well-being.


    games on demand

    Your playground of adventure!

    To keep you pumped, our home theatre is equipped with modern and retro consoles and gaming headphones, with a game library of 1000+ games.


    bedside reading program

    Good books for good night!

    To give you a good night's read and a treat to take back home, the Bedside Reading Program smartly matches up books according to your preferences and welcomes you in your room with a curated set of advance copies and bestselling books by the bedside.

    24/7 Concierge®


    The Concierge® at MindEscapes® is an innovation enablement service to realize ideas. From resources, to infrastructure, to access to the right network and people, we support our clients and members with the service to make ideas happen. Services include and go beyond assistance with scheduling appointments, booking travel and accommodations, making restaurant reservations, and arranging transportation. Specially curated for MindEscapes®, the concierge services, powered by world leaders, Club Concierge®, would also include assistance that can help members to generate and organize ideas, collaborate with others, and bring their ideas to life.

    Ideation Services
    • Research and information gathering
    • Access to exclusive industry events and conferences
    • Networking and connection services
    • Virtual and in-person brainstorming sessions
    • Translation services
    • Professional editing and proofreading services
    • Product prototyping and development
    • Research and development consulting
    • Executive coaching and mentorship
    • Assistance with business plan development and strategy
    Ideation Support
    • Assistance with scheduling appointments
    • Booking travel and accommodations
    • Making restaurant reservations
    • Arranging transportation
    • Sourcing inspiration and information
    • Personalized recommendations for tools and resources
    • Virtual and in-person brainstorming sessions led by experienced facilitators
    Intellectual Property
    • Assistance with patent and trademark filing
    • Assistance with patent and intellectual property application and protection
    Project Management and Implementation
    • Assistance with project management
    • Team coordination
    • Assistance with prototyping and testing
    • Assistance with product development and launch
    • Assistance with marketing and branding strategy
    • Assistance with fundraising and investment pitching
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    club social®

    3000+ partner clubs

    At MindEscapes®, we understand the importance of networking and socializing in order to think and innovate. That's why we have created this exclusive benefit for our members. With Club Social®, you will have access to a vast network of clubs, including business clubs, sports clubs, and cultural clubs, across the globe. This means that wherever your work or travels take you, you will have access to a community of like-minded individuals and top-notch facilities and services. Whether you're looking to host a business meeting, play a round of golf, or attend a cultural event, this benefit will give you the opportunity to connect with others and experience new things.

    Our goal is to provide you with the best social and networking opportunities possible, so that you can have a truly immersive experience at MindEscapes. With Club Social®, you'll be able to access more than 3000 of the best clubs, facilities and services around the world, and you will be able to meet new people and expand your network. Members can work, relax, and network in a variety of premium settings, as well as take advantage of the unique amenities and services offered by each club.

    Additionally, the Club Social® benefit gives our members the flexibility to travel and work from different locations, whilst still enjoying the core benefits of MindEscapes®. Get an unparalleled level of convenience, luxury, and flexibility with your Club Social® benefit.

    All Solo Members will get access to the Club Social® Booking App.

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