Circular Economy Flourishing Future Challenge

Circular Economy Flourishing Future Challenge

How can we design circular systems for a more sustainable future?

The global population is ever-increasing, and so is the demand for raw materials. However, the supply of raw materials is extremely limited. Rather than throwing away our critical resources, it is time to repurpose them and reintroduce them into the economy.

For our planet is to thrive and people to live long lives, building effective & sustainable circular systems is the need of the hour. To extend the lifecycle of the products we create, produce, and consume- we must reuse, recycle, and reduce waste. A solid circular economy will produce zero waste and ensure that nothing is discarded. It’s the new-age way of embracing our limited resources.

We need massive systemic change strategies from our community of innovators, leaders, creators, managers, and youth to shift to a circular economy. Our collaborative effort will bring people of the Nilgiris and other parts of India together to design a new circular system for a regenerative future.

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