How MindEscapes® is Transforming the Working World with Ideation as a Service

How MindEscapes® is Transforming the Working World with Ideation as a Service

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses must continuously innovate and stay ahead of their competition. Innovation is not just about having a good idea, but about creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and growth. MindEscapes® is revolutionizing the innovation space by offering immersive and supportive environments for ideation, innovation, collaboration and growth through their Ideation as a Service.

What is Ideation as a Service?

Ideation as a Service is a concept created by MindEscapes® that offers an immersive and supportive environment for ideation, innovation, collaboration and growth. It provides access to unparalleled knowledge assets, resources, and hospitality services, all focused on driving creativity and collaboration. MindEscapes® is a meeting place for minds that provides access to unparalleled knowledge assets and resources, reinforced with incomparable hospitality services under the guardianship of some of the most creative experts.

At MindEscapes®, individuals and teams get to explore, experience, collaborate and ultimately give birth to eureka moments that can transform the future of people and our planet. Whatever your mission, their immersive experiential centres will help you achieve greater outcomes.

The Knowledge Hub

MindEscapes® experience breakout centres are located at subliminal locations with creative hubs, imaginative interiors and awe-inspiring services to foster innovation, encourage audacious conversations, and assist individuals and teams in fusing even bigger results. Designed around a living-and-learning model, their experience centres house world class knowledge assets that encourage connection, collaboration, co-creation and socialising.

The Board of Guardians

The world’s most creative minds make up the Board of Guardians at MindEscapes®. They are industry pioneers with mastery in diverse disciplines. They mentor with their valuable experience, challenges, activities and expert masterclasses. The Board of Guardians provides a unique perspective and guidance that can help individuals and teams push the boundaries of their imagination and create new solutions.

Knowledge Partners

The collaboration of MindEscapes® with KPMG as a Knowledge Partner delivers innovation facilitation. This alliance brings you innovation-related solutions through a mix of customized solutioning, strategic innovation advisory, innovation operationalization as well as short-term and long-term Certified Learning Courses and strategic workouts co-created with MindEscapes®. Through their partnership with KPMG, MindEscapes® provides access to knowledge assets that help individuals and teams develop high-impact platforms, ground-breaking products, and customer-centric services.

The Circle of Boffins

The Circle of Boffins at MindEscapes® serves as onsite faculty and provides skilfully curated leadership master classes to encourage life-long learning. These subject experts from a range of industries focus on in-depth research and real-world experience, and are guaranteed to challenge your way of thinking and empower you to implement innovative ideas.

Events and Meet-Ups

The wisdom of MindEscapes® guardians, knowledge partners, boffins, subject matter experts, and community is brought together through their regular online and offsite events and meet-ups. The meaningful conversations provide learning, networking, social, investment and community development opportunities as well as the exposure to enhance personal and professional lives.

Immersive Experiences

Intersperse your retreat with transformational and immersive sessions beyond the subject experiences, fascinating experts, and focused local masterful activities that deepen and celebrate your pursuit of learning and development.


To catalyse innovation-driven change through strategic networking opportunities, mentoring, and mind enhancing services, MindEscapes® activities and guardian-led challenges inspire their community of creators to ideate and build something extraordinary as well as work towards constructive solutions for advanced problem-solving.


MindEscapes® brings together ideators, creators, innovators, movement-makers and geniuses from all walks of life to strategize, socialize, ideate and co-create in a naturally stimulating environment and transform the dynamics of the working world. We believe that collaboration is key to success, and our community is the backbone of MindEscapes®.

Support Services

In addition, MindEscapes® provides a range of support services to help its community of creators and innovators relax and rejuvenate so that they can work at their maximum potential. These services include gastronomy services that focus on selecting zero-mile ingredients and using slow food practices to ensure that participants get the right food for thought. MindEscapes® also provides sleep services that help thinkers, ideators, and creators to relax and rejuvenate with a 360-degree sleep experience. Finally, MindEscapes® offers fitness services that combine the best of nature and personalized training to fine-tune the body as well as the mind, naturally and holistically.

With MindEscapes®, creators and innovators have access to a range of support services and resources that help them develop their ideas and bring them to life. By providing an immersive environment for ideation and collaboration, MindEscapes® is transforming the working world and helping people to achieve their full potential.