New Normal E-Education Challenge

New Normal E-Education Challenge

How to reimagine education & help teachers, students & parents to adapt virtual teaching-learning?

The pandemic has transformed the Indian education sector and turned the world upside-down, by introducing digital learning and forcing schools & colleges to shut. This has led to an increase in dropouts, learning losses, and a major digital divide. But COVID-19 has also incentivised digital education adoption in schools and colleges. Students, parents, and educators all over the world are now adjusting to the new teaching methods and gaining knowledge.

As time passes and we accustom ourselves to the new normal, communities are striving to provide essential service and addressing this education crisis. Teachers and students are engaging in remote classrooms, virtual learning and even one on one parent teacher interactions. There is a pressing need to fundamentally reshape the current education system. We need a long-term strategy that eases students’ transition to home-based learning with a forward-thinking approach that can withstand any future crisis in the Nilgiris and other parts of India.

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